Tonkotsu Ramen

-Stubborn Old Man’s Spri, Pork Borns plus Chicken Carcass soup-

“Kyusyu Ramen” means ramen in Kyusyu area (south west island in Japan),  but even in the same area they have different style of ramen, for instance, ramen in Hakata and ramen in Kumamoto is totally different. Since both ramen have white cloudy appearance using pork bone soup, but taste is not even similar.

if you compare Kumamoto Ramen to Hakata ramen, Kumamoto ramen soup tastes a little milder because chicken stock is blended into the Tonkotsu (Pork Bone Soup). Another differences from Haklata ramen is the use of mar oil (garlic oil) or roasted garlic tips, it is usually used to add a garlic smell to the oil.

Kumamoto ramen also has thicker and stronger noodles than Hakata ramen which has more thinner straight noodles.

For toppings to ramen, Kumamoto uses roasted or braised port belly and boiled cloud ear or leaf mustard.

They also use Hitomoji brand Scallion from Kumamoto.

On the other hand Hakata ramen has different lineups, such as red picked ginger, spicy leaf mustard, thin green onion shoots.

In Haklata this is quite normal to ask “Kaedama” ordering extra serving of noodles, but that is not exist in Kumamoto. If you want more, they usually order extra large bowl at the beginning. That is why the sizes and volumes of ramen in Kumamoto are little bigger than Hakata style.

Kyusyu Ramen first appeared at “Nankin Sen Ryo ”  small mobile stall in Kurume Fukuoka 1938.

Chef brought this style from Yokohama but the soup wasnt whitely clouded.

Cloudy soup was originally from ‘Akanoren” restaurant in Hakata, and “Sanku” restaurant in Kurume.

Both has started serving cloudy soup around 1947-1948, but it actually came out from one mistake that they boiled soup too much and it ended up creating new whitey clouded soup.

Later on, another ramen restaurant was opened in Kumamoto Tamana city, the chef took over the business from ” Sanku restaurant” this is the beginning of Kumamoto ramen, means Kumamoto ramen was born in Kurume Fukuoka.

People who got into the “Sanku Tonkotsu ramen ” opens “Matsuba ken” “Komurasaki” “Katsurahana’ “Keika” Tonkotsu ramen restaurants. Ajisen ramen restaurant was one of it and they opened new restaurants nationwide even in China too, but Ajisen has their original taste using roasted garlic tips on the top, that was not from Kurume. from Kumamoto.

“Keika” was the first one who brought Kumamoto ramen to the main city in Japan Tokyo Shinjuku. The taste was exactly the same as original rich and cloudy one in Kumamoto. That was the very first travel for Kyushu ramen to Tokyo.

The result came out extremely great way everyone in Tokyo loved Kyusyu Kumamoto ramen.

One of them is our Ramenya Owner, aka “Ramen Samurai” who spent his college life with Kendo and Kumamoto Ramen.

He had frequently been to “Keika” ( first Kumamoto ramen restaurant in Tokyo) after his kendo practice.

Thicker straight noodle, pork born plus chicken born white cloudy broth soup.

The Keika Kumamoto ramen gave huge impact to our Ramen Samurai with its strong unforgettable Pork born soup tastes,

great meal after his hard kendo practice.

Even after Ramen samurai moved to NY, he still loved to go Keika Ramen when he goes back to Japan.

No matter what happened he never forget to step by Keika, even after the high-end business meal he kept small room for ramen in his stomach.

Ramen Samurai’s first priority meal was not high end French dinner, Its Kumamoto Ramen.

He preferred Keika Shinjuku Ramen restaurant, than High-class Japanese traditional restaurant.

After several years in NY, Ramen Samurai our “Ramen Ya NY “owner opened his own Ramen restaurant,

and for above reason, our ramen is similar to his favorite Kumamoto ramen thicker straight noodle, pork and chicken born blended soup. He has hired Japanese and French Chef’s and tried so many times with them to reach out his goal.

Ramen samurai has never compromised creating his original soup, but french chef got tired to keep up with owner’s passion and jumped out to the restaurant bar next door to work. Remaining Japanese chef was just looking up the sky and become more quiet, but at the end his professional skills finally reached to the owner’s dream soup.

That is the original soup we are serving now in NY, but since I myself was not used to the pork born soup strong flavors, our ramen soup has little righter flavor than Japanese Kumamo Ramen, so as the noodles, we use straight thinner one for righter soup, not as same as thicker noodles in Kumamoto.