Regional Ramen – Onomichi Ramen

Onomichi Ramen is originally from SHUKAEN restaurant opened in 1947.

Some people call this ramen “SHUSAN” (Mr.Shu) as his nickname in this restaurant.

This ramen is characterized by its flat, yellow homemade noodles, shoyu/soy sauce based soup with Dashi extracts of seafood.

The topping is only finely chopped scallions, bamboo shoots(Memma) and thin simmered pork, very simple.

They didn’t take the way of trendy stylish ramen, such as using gorgeous ramen bowl or variety of colorful toppings. Totally opposite, but the most straightforward way to enjoy the taste.

Since they fill the bowl with gobs of melted lard at the end, you would think this is greasy, but actually, once you taste it, you will know this is much clear soup than you have expected.

Actually, the lard is just floating, behind the lard is just clear and simple chicken/seafood soy flavored soup.

The best combination of Seafood dashi soup and suspended chunks of fat (se-abura) creates multiple effects to made this ramen massively popular, Shukaen still keeps their original style of Onomichi Ramen “Chuka Soba”, and this has never been changed since their opening day of 70 years ago.