Hakata Ramen is a ramen dish that has milky white Tonkotsu(pork bone) broth-based soup and straight thin noodles.

Since the broth is prepared by strongly boiling pork bones in water, bone’s marrow gelatin melts out to creates the typical cloudy Tonkotsu soup.


You can ask for the hardness of noodles and second serving noodles called “Kaedama” in Hakata ramen restaurants,

that is one of the special features of this ramen.


There are some stories about the origin of Hakata ramen, but the most strong one is Sugino brothers restaurant “Sankyu ” in Kurume.

At the very first time they were serving clear Tonkotsu broth soup, but one day when their mother covered the store, the soup has accidentally changed.

Since she was using high to boil the soup it becomes crowded, and at the time brothers came back it was too late the pork bones have already been melted.The brothers thought its wasted but no time to start over again, so they have reluctantly served the failed crowded soup, but people actually liked the soup a lot against brothers expectations.

This is how the white crowded soup was born.


To talk about noodles, the reason why super thin noodle is used for Hakata ramen is to blend well with soup and to cut time for cooking.

This way can make possible to serve the best ramen quickly for the people who work at the market from early in the morning to midnight, don’t even have time to eat. This idea was brought to Nagahama Chu-O Fukuoka, one of the famous Hakata Ramen restaurant “Nagahamaya”

Nagahamaya is said the origin of super thin noodle soup, commonly known as “Hakata Ramen”


At most of Hakata ramen restaurants, you can ask for your favorite hardness of noodles, that is another feature of Hakata ramen.

The hardest one is “Konaotoshi (Super hard)” and goes softer “Harigane (very hard)” ‘BariKata (little hard)” “Kata (hard)” “Yawa (soft)” BariYawa (Very soft) these are common words used in Hakata Ramen restaurant and most of the people ask Kata (hard) for being impatient to wait for noodles and smooth tastes.  The article also shows 80% of people ask “Kata” at famous Hakata ramen restaurant in Fukuoka.


The topping is very simple, only scallion or Scallion and sliced grilled pork berry, and that is not rare.

Another typical topping is cloud ear, sprouts, Menma (bamboo shoots), Nori (dried seaweed)

Some restaurants have their additional toppings on the table, such as white sesame, Takana (leaf mustard), pickled red ginger and customer can add whatever they want by themselves.